For wedding with Ukrainians foreigners pay cons 15.04.2017 | Legal

For wedding with Ukrainians foreigners pay cons 15.04.2017 | Legal

Department of Civil Acts, embroidered towel «Fortunately, the fate of» signatures, that should, sealed by having a kiss newlyweds, as well as champagne. Every thing because it must be within the marriage service. Unfortunatelly this marriage — a fictitious. Besides all of the papers — legitimately legitimate. And, first and foremost, each of the «fake marriage» — happy.

Marry Ukrainian woman — that just just what trying to find some foreigners. However they require that?

She says — for ten full minutes of ceremony attained yearly income in Ukraine. He claims — because finally became a resident of Ukraine and received all its legal rights. When we talk honestly, simply the conveyor that is same.

Exactly how much can make Ukrainian, marrying a foreigner fictitiously, without having the intention of developing a family group? And exactly why foreigners from specific nations believe that the Citizenship of Ukraine — the top of the aspirations secure life?

… The Web is merely stumble across a niche site using the name that is same. «Citizen of Ukraine from Cherkasy. Offer wedding whenever you want. Passport clean single. Write a private message» — browse the announcement that is first.

Asking just how much the conclusion was cost by it associated with the wedding. A lady known as Irina instantly brazilian mail order brides replies, «You spend me personally $ 300 for the 12 months of wedding, by means of a registry workplace and application. 2 yrs of marriage, consequently, will surely cost $ 600. In addition, it is crucial to close out a wedding agreement. » But without address registration. Continue reading “For wedding with Ukrainians foreigners pay cons 15.04.2017 | Legal”